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Providing Exceptional Maintenance Services

We offer a wide range of installation, repair, and maintenance services.  

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Our Offered Services

Hydronic Systems

Design and Installation, Repair Hydronic Heating Systems, Over-heating Problems, Circulation Problems, Power Descaling, Flushing Heating Systems

Full Heating Sys​tems

Gas Fireplaces, Wall Furnaces, Ducting, Ventilation, Radiant In-floor Systems, Gas Boilers, Wall Furnaces, Tanked Hot Water Heaters, Tankless Hot Water Heaters, Solar Hot Water Systems

Gas Work

Natural Gas/Propane Installation, Service and Repair, Barbecues, Stoves, Fridges, Pipework, Boilers, Furnaces, Gas Dryers, etc...

Plumbing Maintenance/Repair

Showers, Lake Pumps, Pipe Repair, Faucets, Winterizing House/Cottage.

Bathroom Remodeling

Complete Bathroom Renovation, Design, Removal/Replacement from start to finish, Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiling, Sinks, Tubs, Shower Upgrading

Roto Rooting and Drainage Cleaning

Drainage/Sewer Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance, Blocked Pipes, Sewage, Pump Repair/Replacement

Heating System Comfort and Controls

Thermostat and control upgrades to control remotely with WIFI

Our Favourite Boiler Manufacturers

Please note...we install, service and repair other boilers as well

Our Preferred Furnace Manufacturers

Please note...we install, service and repair other furnaces as well

Talk to us about gas appliances!

Are you considering switching to gas appliances?  Talk to Richard about his vast experience 

with gas fridges, stove, washers, dryers and more!


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